If gardening is your passion, you may have a clear idea about the importance of maintaining trees. From trimming the leaves to removing the dead branches, you must take care of different things. Hedge trimming is one of the most vital tree maintenance activities you cannot ignore.

The Importance of Hedge Trimming:

In modern days, tree hedges are sometimes used as a natural border. However, when it overgrows, you have no option but to trim it. You can either perform the task yourself or call in a professional hedge trimming service. The latter option is more prudent as the experts possess the proper tools to remove the hedges and retain the aesthetics of your tree.

Hedge Trimming Safety Tips that You Should Not Ignore:

No matter which option you choose, ensure that this vital task is performed with all the necessary safety precautions. The following section highlights safety tips for hedge trimming and pruning.

  • Wear Proper Safety Gears: While trimming the hedges, one should protect themselves with the necessary safety gear. The primary option is choosing suitable and tough garden gloves and safety goggles. Avoid open-toed footwear, like sandals or loose clothing, that can get caught up in the blade. Using earplugs can also be a prudent idea.
  • Use A Well-Maintained Hedge Trimmer: Hedge trimming is a vital task that you should perform with well-maintained equipment. Ensure to use a trimmer with oiled, sharpened blades. Clean it after every use. Blunted blades are less effective in clearing hedges and may cause unnecessary danger. Keep the batteries properly charged a night before using the machinery.
  • Do Not Use Wet Hedge Trimmer: A wet hedge trimmer is not as effective and can cause unnecessary problems as well. So, it will be better not to use the equipment in rainy weather. You may stand at risk of getting electrocuted if you use an electric-powered trimmer.
  • Look for Obstacles: This is a key rule that you must definitely follow while maintaining your garden aesthetics with a hedge trimmer. Look for any obstacles in your tree, especially a bird’s nest. You may cause harm to them unknowingly and damage their nest. It is better not to perform hedge trimming during their nesting season, which falls between the spring and the summer.

By following these vital safety tips, you will be able to use a hedge trimmer safely. It will make your job easier to upgrade the aesthetics of your garden and keep your tree healthy. If you want assistance from a professional, you can always contact Green Tree Care. We are a professional hedge trimming service with a team of experts. They are experienced in using hedge trimming equipment and perform the work by following strict safety measures. Contact us today to know more.