If you love gardening as a hobby, you might know the importance of regular maintenance of trees. It is vital to keep an eye on the growth and other aspects of the trees. This ensures better and healthy well-being of the plant.

Why is Tree Stump Dangerous?

The trunk is one of the most important parts of the tree. You should inspect its health thoroughly to ensure the tree remains free from infection. It’s very important that you don’t forget to inspect it after you have cut down the tree. The tree’s stump immediately begins to rot, which can be dangerous for other plants in the garden.

Reasons to Eliminate a Rotting Tree Stump:

You will observe some clear signs when your tree stump begins to rot. It is the time when you need to contact a reputable tree surgeon in Stourbridge. Below, you will find the reasons to move out of your rotten tree stump.

  • Hard to Maintain Your Garden: Basic garden maintenance works like weeding and mowing will become a problem when there is a rotting tree stump in your garden. You will waste more money, human force and time while maintaining the garden space. It is advisable to get rid of the rotting stump by taking the help of a stump grinding service provider.
  • Stumps Take the Soil Nutrients: The soil nutrients are vital for tree growth. These can be robbed off a tree stump. The root of the tree remains active, which causes leeching. This process is detrimental to the growth of other trees in the garden. Not only it weakens the soil of your garden, but it can also affect the aesthetics of the garden.
  • Affects Property Value: While felling a tree in the garden, you must ensure that the whole tree is uprooted properly. The stump has intact roots, which can grow more and affect the property in several ways. This can affect when you plan to sell the house. The surveyor will observe the damages caused by the roots on the pipeline and the wall. As a result, you may not fetch the expected value against the property.

These are the important points for removing rotten stumps from your property. Do not forget to communicate with a well-known tree surgeon in Stourbridge. For better assistance, you can contact Green Tree Care. They can provide you with complete service in taking care of your garden. For more details, you can visit their website today.