Hedge trimming a tree is not as simple as it might sound. Identifying the trees’ safe zones before cutting them off is essential. Moreover, you might come across certain woody parts of the trees that would require special machinery for the trimming purpose. You will also come across two major types of hedges, formal and informal, that need to be pruned and shaped to keep the tree neat and clean. However, hiring professionals for hedge trimming services in Halesowen is always advisable.

They have a fair idea of the parts that can be safely cut off. Moreover, they will use professional tools to cut off the parts and maintain the tree. If you’re wondering about the step-by-step process through which the pruning takes place, here’s an update.

Read on to learn more about the simple steps of hedge trimming that helps to keep the trees in shape.

How to Successfully Trim the Hedges of a Tree?

Step 1: Place a Piece of Paper Beneath the Tree

During the trimming process, debris and dead leaves might be collected at the tree’s bottom. It becomes messy all around. Hence, you will see the professionals placing a piece of paper around the tree to ensure the debris is collected. Professional tree surgeons use pruning tools like a ladder, curved pruning saw, hand sears, and protective equipment like glasses and ear protection while trimming. This helps them to avoid any probable damage that might occur.

Step 2: Remove the Dead Branches

The second step is to get rid of the dead branches. To do this, the tree surgeons first check the tree’s overall condition and then point out the dead parts. They use professional pruning tools to cut down dead or diseased branches and improve the aesthetics and health of the tree. Trimming off the dead branches will make the tree less dense and allow sunlight to reach every part of the tree.

Step 3: Trim as per your Desired Shape

The next part includes trimming the trees as per the desired shape. If you have a shape in mind, share the same with the tree surgeons, who will help your tree look the same. Shaping up involves cutting extra leaves and removing the dead leaves as well. This makes the tree aesthetically beautiful.

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