If you have a passion for gardening, you must invest a considerable amount of time in caring for the plants. The well-being of the trees and plants ensures optimum aesthetics in the garden. Poor health or pest infestation may cause serious hazards to the trees and the overall garden’s health.

Get in Touch with a Professional:

To maintain optimum overall garden health, it is important to treat a tree’s problems without delay. You should take a good look at the integrity, structural issues and other factors. Getting the trees checked regularly by tree surgeons in Lye can prevent costly damages due to a dead tree.

What are the Signs that Your Trees are Dying:

As a garden owner, you can note certain signs denoting your tree’s decadence or death. We mention these in detail below.

  • Bark Shedding off the Tree: It is a prominent sign that denotes that your tree is not getting enough nutrients. You may commonly see the tree shedding or peeling its bark. It gives initial clues about the underlying structural problems of the tree. If it is caused by certain infections or pest attacks, you must get help from a professional tree surgeon near you.
  • Tree Leaning Over: The structural integrity of the tree is an important thing to note. Unless you grow the tree at a certain angle, it should grow straight. If you find it leaning over, you should first check its roots. If the roots are keeling over, it is a prominent sign of root decay. You may need to brace the tree to stop it from leaning and falling over and causing major damage to your property.
  • Open Wounds: If the tree’s wounds are not cared for properly, it will slowly die. Unlike cuts on the bark, the torn branches or scratches on the tree can be challenging to restore. These may become a potential breeding ground for different types of insects, microbes and fungi. An infestation of these agents will rob your tree of its necessary nutrients and slowly bring in its death.
  • Pest Infestation: In many cases, insects and critters can cause potential harm to the trees of your garden. Some common insects include ants, beetles and termites. These may cause serious harm to the structure and integrity of the tree. If you spot the pest infestation problem early enough, you can treat it with the help of professional tree surgeons near you.
  • Root Damage: Damage to tree roots can happen due to different reasons. New construction or landscaping work may be a leading reason behind root damage. Trees with weaker roots may struggle to feed themselves and cause the tree to fall. To take proper care of the tree, you should get in touch with a reliable tree maintenance professional.

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