Garden Fencing and Stump Grinding Services in Brierley Hill

At Green Tree Care, we understand that tree stumps can make an unsightly focal point. That’s why we provide tree stump removal services that are second to none.

How does it Works?

The stump is ground out to the required depth, the root ball is destroyed and the area where the stump was, is now regained leaving it open for re-landscaping or the possibility of having a shed where you always wanted it. Stumps can also be removed efficiently to avoid a trip hazard or to erect a fence. Our qualified and competent staff will carry out the stump removal with the greatest of care.

Advanced Stump Grinding Machines

We have 2 machines, both with narrow access, to get to the tightest of spaces. One of which is on tracks to minimise compaction and aid stability even on sloped sites. All uprisings can be disposed of or left on-site if the customer wishes either to be left in the created hole or for compostable garden mulch. If required, top soil can be supplied to fill the hole and can also be grass seeded.

Our Expert Tree Services Include:

  • Tree crown raising, reduction and thinning
  • Sectional felling and dismantling of tree in a confined space
  • Straight felling
  • Tree pruning
  • Stump grinding
  • Garden hedge trimming and reducing
  • Deadwood removal

Trustworthy Service of Stump Grinding in Hagley

Stump grinding is immensely technical work that needs professional supervision and technical assistance. You can find both at Green Tree Care. We are a trustworthy business providing the best assistance in stump grinding in Hagley. Our stump grinding service can offer you a smooth landscape that you can use for decoration. It can also save you from doing strenuous work all by yourself.

Reasons to Perform Stump Grinding in Dudley:

You cannot simply ignore the importance of stump grinding. It is a necessary process that can keep your backyard safe and healthy. The top reasons for calling an expert in stump grinding in Dudley are mentioned here:

The remaining stump of the tree can be a safe haven for different critters and reptiles. They can attack your household later on.

Rodents may also make their nest inside a stump.

Stump grinding can substantially improve the drainage system of your backyard and garden.

A stump is like an awkward growth on your plain landscape that hampers the aesthetics.

Stumps can also cause accidents and injure your little ones.

To reduce the chances of these accidents and maintain visual beauty, it is important to choose stump grinding from a trusted source like Green Tree Care.

Why Green Tree Care?

Green Tree Care can be your trusted confidante when it’s about removing and grinding an old tree stump. We have a team of professionals who can offer the best service for stump grinding in Wombourne and Stourbridge. They are equipped with modern stump grinders, which can reach the deep and destroy the stump completely. This also helps us provide quick and efficient service without increasing the original budget. Our complete assistance can make your garden safe and return its aesthetic features. You can come to us for other types of garden maintenance and tree surgery services as well.

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