Cutting or eliminating dead and overgrown branches is known as hedge trimming. It promotes new growth and keeps the hedges of the trees looking nice, orderly and clean. Hedges need regular upkeep to appear lush and healthy, much like other plants.

They require both formative pruning and routine maintenance trimming to stay in check. It makes sense that different hedges require varying pruning schedules because they are frequently composed of various trees and plants. However, hedge trimming is not an easy process. You need professional help for the same. Hence, hire arborists for hedge trimming in Halesowen.

Here are a few tips that can help you maintain the hedges.

Trim with a sharp trimmer.

Maintaining sharp trimmer blades may seem basic; however, using a sharp trimmer will help you easily cut off the hedges and branches and trim off the leaves. With blunt blades, the tearing and slicing process becomes hard. Moreover, the hedges don’t get trimmed effectively if the blades are not sharp enough.

Prune in the winter months.

Particularly if you’re thinking of cutting back, it’s ideal for pruning hedges in late winter when plants are dormant and haven’t formed buds. Evergreens, in particular, need to be pruned at an early stage of the season because, due to their slower rate of development, they are likely to be naked and discoloured at the tips by the time new growth appears, far into the summer.

Keep hedges narrower at the top.

Most hedges will begin to widen near the top, where they receive the most sunshine. The lower branches are shaded out over time and start producing less and less foliage. As a result, a V-shaped formation takes place. Start shearing at the bottom and work your way up to the top. Turning the V shape upside down makes it good for the tree.

Use protective coverings

When using a powered hedge trimmer, wear the necessary protective clothing and adhere to the safety recommendations. Otherwise, there’s a high chance that you might get hurt by sharp objects. You can also hire a professional arborist for the job as they know the technicalities and will perform the work effectively.

You can carry out maintenance trimming at any time of the year. For expert arborists, contact Green Tree Care. We offer professional hedge trimming services in Halesowen. To know more, check our website.