When the branches of your tree get covered profusely by leaves, it is time for hedge trimming. Hedge, in simple words, can be defined as the decorative borders around the tree. To regulate the density and make the tree look attractive, it is important to trim the hedges once in a while.

Consult a Professional for Hedge and Tree Trimming:

Professionals use top-grade tools to keep the hedges in shape. One should note that trimming not only talks about cutting the leafy cover but also about creativity. The tree surgeon should perform all the work without harming the plants.

Important Considerations About Hedge Trimming:

The experienced hedge and tree trimmers follow and avoid a set of things during their work. We discuss those in the following section of the blog.

The Do’s of Hedge Trimming:

  • Follow the Current Technique: In hedge trimming, choosing the right kind of tools and technique is an indispensable need. The professional should apply a clean cut so that the plant recovers quickly. A wrong cut could affect the plant’s health and delay its healing.
  • Find the Right Time for Trimming: Tree experts are of the opinion that winter is the best time for hedge trimming. It is the season after which the tree will face constant growth. In the same way, spring is a great time to perform the task too.
  • Use Correct Tools: Make sure that the tree expert uses the proper tools for a correct hedge trimming operation. The tools should match the size and type of the branch. It is a key factor in maintaining the health of the hedges.

The Don’ts of Hedge Trimming:

  • Don’t Stub the Hedge: Stubbing a plant means lopping it from the top. Avoiding this practice is essential, as this encourages the growth of multiple replacement branches. This makes the hedge denser and makes the next trimming job even tougher.
  • Don’t Prune 1/3rd of the Tree: At a time, you must not cut more than one-third of a tree. It acts as a shock to the plants, leading to a slow recovery. Cutting the branch flush against the trunk is another practice that you must avoid.
  • Do Not Leave Dead Branches: It is another harmful practice that may absorb plant energy. The dead branches and twigs act as dangerous pointed projectiles in windy weather. It is important to perform a complete clean-out job to ensure proper hedge trimming.

These are the vital dos and don’ts of hedge trimming that you must follow. To perform the work properly, contact a reliable source like Green Tree Care. We are one of the most well-known sources for hedge and tree trimmers in Birmingham. Our professionals have access to modern-day trimming tools that allow them to perform neat hedge trimming work. For more information, you can visit our website.